Bob Cantin Photos and Story  updated Feb 1, 2013

Here is a very interesting story prepared by Bob Cantin on early Fords

Darn 32 Fords    (pdf file "click" to open)

All photos in section below are the property of Bob Cantin and posted with permission

Racer Ray Legris' deuce roadster (1956 Alberta Drag Race Champion)

Laurie Maureau's dragster.  Dragster picture was before the cow dung was deposited
 (the track was occupied by cattle prior to the race and was not inspected/cleaned initially)

Note:  the "packer" tires on the rear

Laurie Maureau launching the car (don't think it would pass tech today, the pioneers were fearless!)

Shephard Raceway circa 1964   (from left to right)

Weiner Omand, Bernie Fedderly, Bob Cantin (driver), Gerry Knowles, Graham Mace, Terry Capp

Capp and Fedderly are in the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame

Gerry Mace, Bernie Fedderly, Weiner Omand, Terry Capp, Gerry Knowles

The West Edmonton Drifters Car Club circa 1957 at Shepard Raceway, Calgary

Richard Chevaliers well known red deuce coupe and the clubs dirt track sprint car (which was used as one of the provinces first dragsters)

The car was destroyed on a practice run in west Edmonton, driver (Gary Marcus) was seriously hurt.

Far right are Ross and Bill Chevalier

Caption Drifters Sprint Car

Bob Cantin's blown Buick dragster with Fred Ladwig

The Top Fuel Car

Edmonton Journal Newspaper Clip

Edmonton Journal Newspaper Clip October 3, 1966

September 1960  Drag Racing 3 wide at Namao, lack of daylight to finish event, Middle Eliminator cars running 3 wide for the title

Far lane, Bob Cantin's flathead powered roadster, middle lane Ed Ewasiuk's Chev powered roadster, near lane is Gene McMahon's "Thing".

  McMahon won, Cantin second, Ewasiuk third

Brian Clements roadster pickup

Drags - Salisbury Corner - circa 1962

Dragster Calgary club

Dragster - Igniters

Dragster - Sultans

Flathead dragster and crew - circa 1964

Gary Egbert of Edmonton in his Model T roadster (Ted Horton Photo)

In the pits at Hwy 14x showing Hamilton-Morrison dragster
Harold "Fudd" Fallman, Bob Hamilton, Jim Martin, Ray Hamans (Ted Horton photo)

Hamilton - Morrison dragster "Old Yeller"
  Originally built by the late Dan "Boone" Sorensen (Ted Horton photo)

Edmonton's G&T speed shop owner Gary Kangas and his 1932 Ford truck moving up to the starting line
in the background Geoff Goodwin, Jim Martin, Ray Hamans, Ed Carroll (Ted Horton photo)

Dunc and Dwayne Wade's 1929 Ford Roadster PU truck which was Hemi Red Ram Dodge powered

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