Race City - The End - A Few Parting Shots - October 2012

Thanks to Mike B for the images

Last update:  October 26, 2011

The quarter mile finish line and scoreboards

Main Stands along 1/4 mile straightaway - Destruction has begun (crew salvaging lumber)

From the road course/drag strip return road - looking northwest towards stands - oval in background to left

The Tower (along the main straight 1/4 mile)

The Tower at the 1/4 mile start line - The announcers station and equipment

Must be a collectors item!  Vintage stuff  - Tower sound

This is the computer that was the source of a lot of headaches!

More collectors items - printers

Anyone have a list of announcers to post here?

Front counter of drag race tower - where you collected your winnings or paid the buyback

Starting line and stands from the drag strip start line tower

Drag strip burnout boxes - partial pits and road course

Looking down track from the top of the tower

Entrance to drag race pits

Race City Tower and Drag Strip Start Line

The outside concession area

The inside concession area

Concession Kitchen

Concession Kitchen

Too bad the City of Calgary Mayor and Council did not agree

They could have developed a "win win" scenario but chose not to!

Race City Gift Shop

Crumbling stands - an "iffy" City of Calgary lease did not motivate maintenance activities

Let this be a lesson to other race track operators with leases

Main Tower - Concourse area - from paved oval side - washrooms with running water and flush toilets!

Rules for the VIP's

Drag Strip on left - Paved oval on right - original spectator entrance straight ahead

Would welcome any comments or pictures

If anyone wants to write up a bit of a history I will be happy to post it with acknowledgements

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