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Calgary - Barlow Trail

Racing took place on Barlow Trail.  I do not have any info or pictures from this era, do you?


Calgary - Shepard Raceway

The following section has pictures and newspaper clippings from Shepard Raceway.

Many of these are from the Randy McMahon Facebook collection available at the following site:

Facebook Calgary International Raceway/Shepard Raceway

When I get some time will put in chronological order by year.

Below are two video's from the early 1970's that were recorded by Dennis Heppner

They are in digital format (.flv)

Needs a little time to load

Shepard Racing in the early 70's   Volume 1

Shepard Racing in the early 70's   Volume 2

If you recall any info on any of the cars and drivers in the video, please send me an email at:

Each photo is numbered for easy reference to provide corrections or new captions to me via email

1 Calgary International Raceway at Shepard 


2 Doc Liscombe TA/FC (crashed in Spokane and restored by Ian Gellately of Medicine Hat and raced as 7.50 IBAA car for five years)


3 Burnout box and tower


Bill Knecht - "Knight Majic" - 1966 Dodge Coronet 426 Hemi


5 Don Pettit - 1933 Willy's

formerly owned by Jack Coonrod of Washington state in the 60's and now back home with Jack


6 Lindal Rinaldi - 1967 Chevelle

Later on raced 1969 Camaro "Spaghetti Western"  and mid 80's Camaro in Super Gas


7 Bateman and Reynolds “Showdown”


8 Quarter Flash



9 Butch Kromery (Medicine Hat) at Calgary 1974

10 May 3, 1968 second race of season

11 "240" Gordie Bonin

12 Jerry "The King" Ruth made a lot of trips to Alberta

(King of the Northwest)

13 Jerry Ruth rear engine top fuel dragster

14 Doug Rose in the Green Mamba Jet Car

15 "TV" Tommy Ivo's legendary four engine dragster

16 Newsclipping May 3, 1968

17 Newsclipping

18 Newsclipping July 27, 1968

19 News clipping July 30, 1968

20 Gordie Bonin and Gordon Jenner with a body side panel from Roland Leongs "Hawaiian"

When funny cars looked like cars you could identify from the showroom

21 Terry Capp legendary Edmonton racer and top fuel champ at the 1980 US Nationals

22 Jerry Ruth campaigned cars in both fuel dragster and funny car classes

23 A very young Don "Snake" Prudhomme in his front engine top fuel car

24 Jerry Ruth in the Pay N Pak top fuel funny car

25 Herm Petersen in the Petersen/Fitz top fuel dragster

26 Jim Bell (JB's Auto)       Anyone have any pictures of the pontiac wagon??

27 Caption

Bill Spevack from Montana in his nitro funny car, tuned by Gordon Jenner

29 Unknown Corvette

30 Lawrence Customs Brokers vs Gaines Markley top fueler

AA/FD's Larry Dixon Sr, in the Howards Cam car from California vs Maynard Garrity from Edmonton

32 Newsclipping

33 Austin/Grassi

34 crash newsclipping

35 newsclipping

36 newsclip


38 newsclip May 7, 1967

39 Chinook Chrysler newsclip

40 newsclip

41 Dale Armstrong "Canuck"

41A Dale Armstrong (old fertilizer plant in background)

42 Jack Fox front engine top fuel

43 May 23, 1966  Swinger II

44 Newsclip

45 Nick Kozak "Royal Canadian" newsclip

46 May 19 1970 newsclip

47 newsclip Snake picture

48 Jack Fox newsclip

49 newsclip

50 sherpard raceway

51 Gene McMahon news clip

52 newsclip

Brent Bramley from Calgary alcohol dragster vs Doug Moody in his alcohol funny car from Edmonton

54 Jerry Ruth Pay N Pak top fuel burnout

55 Pacemaker Automotive alcohol dragster from Edmonton

56 Doug Moody from Edmonton - Rentex alcohol funny car

57 Doug Rose "Green Mamba" jet car

58 AA/FD's - Jerry Ruth from Seattle vs Egbert and Seaman from Edmonton

59 Jerry Ruth front engine top fuel dragster getting pushed back

60 Daly and Johnson AA/FD from Seattle - Gentleman Hank driving - This car was run by Mike Bromme (Calgary) after then by Dawson and Doan as a A/FD and then as a B/D, and then by Mark Kaniwischer in S/C for many years

61 Don Kohut driving the Royal Canadian from Calgary - This car is currently being restored by Ron Hodges from Calgary

62 newsclip

63 newsclip

64 Garry Egbert newsclip

65 dragsters return news clip

66    6000 fans clip

67 Sept 3, 1963 news clip

68 Alberta Highways Minister Gordon Taylor opens Calgary racetrack

69 Eight Calgary drivers named top ten alberta

70 Oct 16, 1963 news clip

71 Royal Canadian of Jenner and Kozak from Calgary - This car was destroyed in a towing accident

72 Gord Jenner Royal Canadian vs the Jim Hodges Banzai Camaro from Minnesota

73 Don Kohut Royal Canadian (this was the last front engine Royal Canadian and held the Canadian Record at 6.68 seconds) vs the Digitizer of Woods and Garrow

74 Crosstown Motors sponsored AA/FD of George Sitko and Phil Broderick of Edmonton

75 Royal Canadian of Gord Jenner vs Hodges Banzai (injected nitro funny car)

76 August 23, 1965 Strip Operator fined for Lords Day Act violation

77 May 23, 1966

78 Chinook Chrysler ad 1966

79 top fuel news clip and photo

80 news clip drag season opens

81 May 22, 1967 news clip results

82 news clip photo A % W Special top fuel California

83 AW Special news clip

84 newsclip provincial drag championships

85 newsclip

86 newsclip Egbert triumphs

87 Usual cars newsclip

88 Kohut news clip

89 Jerry "The King" Ruth defeats "Big Daddy" Don Garlits

90 Big Daddy beaten news clip

91 May 22, 1967 new clip drags

92 Jerry Ruth still King clip

93 Gene McMahon 60th birthday (legendary Calgary track owner, promoter and operator)

94 Jeb Allen "Praying Mantis" rear engine top fuel

95 Ed "The Ace" McColloch with the legendary REVELLution Funny Car

96 Garry Beck top fuel

97 race advertisement poster

98 The Players tobaco company was a big motor sports supporter

99 April 23, 1974 Ron Hodgson and Gordon Jenner Edmonton Journal clip

100 newsclip

101 Dale Armstrong Clip

102 Drag Meeting clip

103 drag meeting clip

104 Caption

105 1968 drag season clip

106 200 racers to meeting clip

107 Dale Armstrong Prize Money cheques

108 Green Dragon of Foster MacIntyre and Rue from Seattle vs Larry Hendrickson's Gladiator AA/FD also from Seattle.  The Gladiator was the national speed record holder at 224 mph.

Gladiator top fuel - Driver - Larry "Lash" Hendrickson, Crew Chief - Perry Brochner

Crew - Frank Cooper and Bob Packett

"We ran Foster Brothers and Rue in the second round, running the quickest and fastest side by side race ever run in Canada, we were told.  We won the event.  On the way home, Dean Rue was killed in Ritzville, Washington in a rollover accident" - Bob Packett

110 Don Prudhomme AA/FD, Swapper funny from California.  Car in the background driven by Dale Armstrong

111 Nitro Express - Terry Capp driving, Bernie Fedderly tunning - from Edmonton

112 Terry Capp driving the Nitro Express

113 Egbert and Seaman AA/FD from Edmonton

114 Crosstown Motors sponsored AA/FD from Edmonton

115 S. V. Pick "Black Plague" from California with Frank Rupert driving

116 S. V. Pick "Black Plague"

117 Black Plague vs Don Garlits

118 A&W Root Beer Special

119 Green Dragon AA/FD from Seattle

120 Ron Dixon from Spokane - a well known North West chassis builder

121 Royal Canadian of Don Kohut vs Don Prudhomme.  Don Kohut outran "The Snake" at this race

122 Green Dragon vs Ron Dixon from Spokane - There were quite a few real good AA/FD's from the northwest in those days

123 Shark AA/FD of Greg Fury and Joe Blaylock from Spokane vs the Jack Fox driven Mohawk Auto Special from Calgary - Mike Nilson owned Dixon chassis

124 Joe Winters AA/FD from Los Angeles vs Gary Egbert in the Outcast from Edmonton

If you have any pictures you would like to see posted here please let me know