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Edmonton Area

Edmonton International Speedway opened in 1967
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The focus of this section is on Edmonton racers at Edmonton, but there are many great shots of Edmonton racers at other tracks shown (especially Saskatoon).  Would like to enhance some of the captions to capture a bit of info on the drivers, also driver pictures from the era.  If you can add or make corrections to any of the captions please send me an email.  Thanks.


The Concept, Promoters and Supporters

(location in the Stedelbauer Chev Olds showroom)

Richard Chevalier far left, third from left Roy Scott, fourth from left Mike Atkin, Russell Booth second from right, architect John Barnaschone fifth from right, Percy Booth seventh from right, Grover Compton eight from right, others unknown (Provincial Archives of Alberta, WS 683/2)


the concept that became reality

(the small oval was there for years, a large competing oval was built west of Edmonton and called the Westwind Oval)



Wheeler Dealer Dragster

Edmonton International Speedway


Aerial View looking south east

Tom Fox sitting in the decaying grandstand of the five year old speedway he has just bought (Edmonton Journal photo, Alberta Provincial Archives, J-1016/1)


Old Trapper and Mr. Clean – Temporary tower before main tower was built

(road course overpass in background was pit access)


No shortage of funny cars in the old days

they ran the CAN AM series also

staging lanes photographed from the road course overpass

1967 Plymouth GTX Old Trapper owned by Jim Ronaghan and driven by Albert Branham

1967 Hemi Plymouth GTX Satellite “Old Trapper”

Driven by Albert Branham

(at Saskatoon)

Old Trapper and unknown dodge

(at Saskatoon)


Old Trapper

(at Saskatoon)


Old Trapper and unknown car

(at Saskatoon)



40 Years Later owned by Jim Baraniuk



40 Years Later, the “Old Trapper”

 2005 August Drayton Valley

Jim Baraniuk

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The Old Trapper

Mr. Clean driven by Fred White

Mr. Clean at the car show

The Original Old Trapper Cuda and GTX


Albert Branham "Old Trapper" vs Dave Wren at Mission Raceway

This is the first Old Trapper Cuda - "Turnbull" on the rear quarter panel


Tuff-A-Nuff (Hemi Cuda)

This was the first Old Trapper Cuda owned by Jim Ronaghan and driven by Albert Branham

It was sold to Gary Wolosinka and was campaigned as Tuff-N-Nuff

(At Saskatoon)

The Original Old Trapper (Tuff-A-Nuff) and  the second Old Trapper

(At Saskatoon)

The Old Trapper 1970 Hemi Cuda

This is the second Old Trapper Cuda - note "Plymouth" on rear quarter panel

Driven by Dick Panter

(at Saskatoon)

Trapmate (second Old Trapper Cuda) - Originally build as Old Trapper Cuda by Jim Ronaghan

This Cuda was sold to the Lee Brothers  and renamed Trapmate - Allyn Lee was the main driver

Trapmate with new paint scheme - Rod Hanner has raced this rare Hemi Cuda from 1983 to 2006

Rod Hanner at the 2003 NHRA Carquest Nationals (at Seattle)

Old Trapper - 1968 Hemi Dart SS/A at Seattle, Fall Nationals

(I was there that year, the car did big wheelies but was not competitive)

Harold's Original 1968 Hemi Dart

One of 50 original hemi darts made by Chrysler and Hurst to wage battle in the tough SS/AA class. This particular one is owned by Harold Didluck. Although this car, like the rest have been altered over the years, it still posseses many of the original items that made them so famous!!

In 1989 Super Stock and Drag Illustrated did a this article spanning 7 pages of the August 1989 issue. All the pictures were taken by Rich Carlson right in Wainwright (except the one burnout photo taken at Race City Speedway in Calgary) and the article was written by Al Kirschenbaum.

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Dave Wren (Washington State) Super Stock Hemi Cudas

Dick Panter Hemi Dart

(at Saskatoon)

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Hemi's On The Prairie

(I may be off just a bit on some of my captions but will fix.  Hoping to get an accurate summary document of the Alberta Hemi cars assembled as soon as I can get some contacts to provide factual info. if you can help)

Gordie Bonin in the Pacemaker Bubble Up FC


Gordie Bonin

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Gordie Bonin Story


Tom McEwen


Gary Beck and Ray Peets


Gary Egbert

(At Saskatoon)


Herm Peterson


Shirley Muldowney


Graham Light




Ken Smith Mustang Healy Ford

(at Saskatoon)



Wheeler Dealer Anglia

(at Saskatoon)


Pioneer Anglia - Terry Capp and Bernie Fedderly

Reliable Printing "Printers Devil" driven by Geoff Goodwin

Pioneer II - Pioneer Automotive - Bill and Richard Chevalier and family

original shop on Jasper Avenue west end and relocated to 86 St and 127 Avenue (now Yellowhead Trail) after fire

Woods Anglia

C Modified Production - Corvette

pit garage view down to SS/D Nova

Caption - pit garages and roof viewing areas

C Gas Anglia Panel


Not too shabby - paved pits

A Modified Production - Corvette

Lot of Anglias and gassers in the good old days

Altered at return road after completing the hairpin turn at the end of the track

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