Last Update:  April 6, 2015

Edmonton Area

Highway 14X East of Edmonton

Drag racing took place on Highway 14X east of Edmonton as described by Dave Lentz below:

"In the summer of 1960 or 1961 ( memory fades as this was half a century ago and I was only about twelve years old ) while our family was out on a Sunday afternoon drive we saw that highway 14X was closed off south of what is now 101 avenue. Cars were racing south on the highway and were using the hill as a shut down area. Both cars had to return on the same road before the next two could race ( the highway was only two lanes back then ). Spectators watched from the shoulder areas and the ditches. Everything was extremely informal, including the flagman. Not only was this my first experience at a drag race but it was the first time that I saw a real live hot rod up close ( a 1948 Ford coupe with a nailhead Buick ). A life changing event indeed! Some time later I read in the Edmonton Journal that racing in this area was shut down because a clutch had exploded and injured a young girl who was standing close to the road during a race."

Video of Highways Minister Gordon Taylor ribbon cutting ceremony and cars of the era

  I do not have any other info or pictures from this era, do you?




Canadian Forces Base Namao


Drag races took place in 1964 and 1965 on the road going by 7 Supply Depot. 

I recall two very fast 409 4 speed cars that ran at Namao.  A blue 1962 Chevy and an orange 1955 Chevy.  There was also a white super stock Dodge with a 413/426 4 speed.  The owner of the blue Chevy 409 was Vic Fitzgerald from Wainwright.  Anyone have any pictures and info on these cars?

I received the following message February 18, 2011:

"Hi Sandy.  Yes, I was driving the orange 55 Chevy you saw.  The year before I ran the engine in a 1962 Impala with an Aluminum Front End.  The engine was a Z-11 that I had acquired from a racer in Seattle.  The Orange 55 belonged to Lorne Cook & we ran in it think C/Gas.  Funny but I don't remember the hood flying up.  Dale"